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Strike Force Heroes

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Strike Force Heroes is a free online shooting game by Armor Games. In this game the player assumes the role of a hero who goes on missions to conquer certain areas that are occupied by enemies. The player gets to move from place to place, crawl through slim shafts and defeat enemies through violence. It is also possible to unlock new weapons which help the player be able to overcome the enemies more effectively. The players also get rewards for shooting and these rewards are also helpful in different missions.

In this game there are more than sixty five weapons and there are a total of four levels. As one progress to an upper level, more sophisticated weapons are unlocked and therefore the player is able to shoot more effectively. There are also kill streaks and multiple skills which give the player an opportunity to customize the load out. Players can play the action packed story or opt to create a custom quick match. This makes the game more enjoyable since the players get the freedom to determine precisely how they wish to play. Furthermore, the various challenges from the enemies also makes the game more exciting since the play gets to apply certain techniques to overcome the enemies and progress to the next level or complete the missions.pW85S2S4ZFRU3This game is easy to play since its controls are straight forward and easy to handle. Here is how various keys work;

WASD or arrow key creates movement.

W, UP or space makes the player jump

S or shift makes the player crouch

Q or shift allows switching of weapons

E or Ctrl activates kill streak

R allows the player to reload

The mouse is used to aim and shoot

For people who are beginners it is possible to readily learn how to play just by following the instructions. The most important aspect in playing this game is knowing how to use the different keys so as to always have an advantage over the enemy. Therefore, Strike Force Heroes is an enjoyable and exciting free online shooting game which is easy to play.

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